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The 8 Best Hotels in Big Sur (My Recommendations)

When I took my first road-trip through Big Sur, I wished I actually stayed in Big Sur instead of trying to make it to the next city. After a few times of going back, and a ton of research, I can safely say I know the best places to stay in Big Sur and which ones I will be going back to.

HotelMy Verdict
Best OverallTreebones Resort
Best ViewRagged Point Inn
Budget-FriendlyDeetjen’s Inn
Luxurious Post Ranch Inn
Pet-Friendly Big Sur Lodge

Read more for the best 8 hotels in Big Sur.

1. Treebones Resort

Cost: $$$

What they’re known for: Yurts, human nests, autonomous tents, coastal views, sushi, yoga, eco-friendly alternatives

What’s nearby: San Martin Rock Scenic Spot, Gorda

I’ve personally never seen anything like this resort. It’s incomparable. Treebones Resort is an eco-friendly resort nestled in the mountains right along the ocean.

With its assortment of yurts, a human nest, and an autonomous tent, it provides a truly unique experience amidst the raw beauty of the Pacific coastline.


  1. Yurts: The primary accommodations at Treebones are its iconic yurts. Circular in shape and inspired by traditional Mongolian tents, they feature comfortable beds, wooden flooring, and panoramic views of the coastline or mountains, depending on their location within the property.
  2. The Autonomous Tent: A newer addition, this tent looks more like a cocoon-shaped, semi-permanent structure, offering luxury and solitude with some of the best ocean views on the property.
  3. The Human Nest & The Twig Hut: Handcrafted by a local artist, these are literally elevated nests made primarily of wood. They’re more rustic than the yurts and tent and are for those truly looking to “rough it” with just a sleeping bag and the stars above.
Inside a room at Treebones Resort

You can reserve a room here.

Dining: The Wild Coast Restaurant & Sushi Bar at the resort offers organic, locally sourced meals, many grown in the resort’s own garden. The cuisine leans towards fresh and flavorful Californian dishes, with sushi being an unexpected but delightful addition.

What sets Treebones Resort apart is not just its unique accommodations but also its dedication to sustainable and responsible tourism. The resort operates on solar power, has an on-site organic garden to provide fresh produce for its restaurant, and emphasizes recycling and water conservation throughout the property.

2. Ragged Point Inn

Cost: $$$

What they’re known for: Dramatic cliffside rooms with ocean views, southern gateway to Big Sur, beautiful gardens

What’s nearby: Hearst Castle, Salmon Creek Falls, Elephant Seals, San Simeon

Photo of Ragged Point Inn’s garden from when I was there

I’ve stayed at Ragged Point Inn myself and have gone back when I was passing through Big Sur for a day trip just to see the view.

a sunset while we were at ragged point inn
Sunset Photo I took at Ragged Point Cliffside Trail

Accommodations: The inn offers a range of accommodations from cliff-side rooms with panoramic ocean views to more secluded rooms surrounded by gardens and forest. Each room is designed to optimize the connection with the surrounding natural beauty.

You can check out the different rooms and reserve them here.

Dining: The Ragged Point Restaurant offers an experience that is as much about the views as it is about the food. Large windows offer unobstructed views of the ocean and cliffs. The menu emphasizes Californian cuisine, utilizing fresh, local ingredients.

Not to mention, the resort offers the following activities right on site such as hiking trips to the cliffside, art galleries nearby, and live music.

Pro Tip: Fill up on gas at the cute gas station connected to Ragged Point Inn as it’s the only gas station for miles!

3. Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn

Photo of a room in  Deetjen's Big Sur Inn
Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn

Cost: $$

What they’re known for: Historic vibe, rustic, cozy cabins, forested ambiance, local vibe

What’s nearby: Nepenthe, Henry Miller Memorial Library, Hawthorne Gallery

Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn is more than just an accommodation; it’s an experience.

Helmut Deetjen, a Norwegian immigrant, began building a collection of cabins in the 1930s, which later transformed into the inn. Each cabin retains an old-world European feel, blending with the natural beauty of its surroundings as the cabins are made of the redwoods you find in Big Sur.

Accommodations: The inn offers a variety of rooms, each decorated with antique furniture, wood-burning stoves, and the stories of the travelers who have stayed there.

Dining: Deetjen’s restaurant is a staple of the Big Sur culinary scene. Within its cozy, candlelit ambiance, guests can savor classic dishes, often accompanied by the gentle notes of the piano. The food, much like the inn itself, echoes the region’s emphasis on simplicity and quality.

From handwritten guest logs that date back decades to the quiet, forested surroundings that encourage reflection and relaxation, the inn fosters a deep connection with both its history and the natural world.

You can find more information and reserve a room here.

4. Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn suite
Post Ranch Inn

Cost: $$$$

What they’re known for: Luxury, cliffs, ocean views, eco-conscious, exclusive, gourmet dining, rejuvenating spa, hot tubs, infinity pools

What’s nearby: Nepenthe, Big Sur River

1,200 feet above the Pacific Ocean, the inn offers incredible views. The design combines modern architecture with a deep respect for the environment.

The inn offers individual guesthouses, built using sustainable materials, effortlessly complement the natural landscape without imposing upon it.

Accommodations: Post Ranch Inn offers houses immersed in the mountains, houses with ocean views, and treehouses in the redwoods. With features such as private decks, indoor and outdoor spas, and floor-to-ceiling windows, guests are immersed in the majestic beauty of Big Sur without sacrificing comfort.

Dining: The Sierra Mar restaurant at Post Ranch Inn is renowned not only for its breathtaking views but also for its culinary excellence. Offering a menu that changes daily, the chefs emphasize organic, local ingredients, creating dishes that resonate with the flavors of California.

Activities: The spa at Post Ranch Inn is an oasis of rejuvenation. Using organic products and offering treatments inspired by ancient traditions, promises relaxation and renewal. Besides the spa, guests can engage in yoga, meditation, stargazing, and nature walks.

If you are looking for places to swim in Big Sur instead of the swimming pools here, check out my article Where to Swim in Big Sur: Top 7 Beaches and Hidden Coves.

Despite its luxury, the inn remains committed to sustainability. Solar panels, organic gardens, and environmentally conscious construction practices underline its dedication to preserving the beauty of Big Sur.

You can find more information and reserve a room here.

5. Big Sur Lodge

Big Sur Lodge
Big Sur Lodge

Cost: $$$

What they’re known for: Redwoods, Pfeiffer State Park, rustic charm, nature trails, Big Sur River

What’s nearby: Pfeiffer State Park, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur River

Located among some of the oldest redwoods in the area and the Big Sur River, Big Sur Lodge has an incredible location. The lodge offers direct access to miles of trails, waterfalls, and the lush beauty of the state park, making it an ideal stay for nature enthusiasts.

If you are looking to be in close proximity to the main activities in Big Sur, Big Sur Lodge is the way to go. Big Sur River is less than 100 feet away, while the state parks are next door.

Accommodations: The lodge’s cabins and rooms exude a rustic charm, seamlessly blending in with their woodland surroundings. Rooms are also equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

Dining: Big Sur Lodge’s on-site restaurant offers dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients all while being surrounded by the forest.

Activities & Attractions: Direct access to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park means guests can easily explore iconic spots like the Valley View overlook and Pfeiffer Falls. Beyond hiking, the lodge offers proximity to various attractions in Big Sur, from its rugged coastline to its dense forests.

For the best places to see redwoods in Big Sur, check out my article Are There Redwoods in Big Sur? (& The Best Places to See Them).

You can find more information and reserve a room here.

6. Fernwood Campground & Resort

Cost: $$

What they’re known for: Forest camping, cabins, glamping, nature, hiking

What’s nearby: Pfeiffer State Park, Pfeiffer Falls Trail

Unique to Fernwood Resort, is its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Big Sur and allowing close connection to nature.

Accommodations: Accommodations range from cabins that offer a cozy, woodsy ambiance to the more elemental experience of camping sites where visitors can immerse themselves directly in nature. The sound of the river flowing nearby, combined with the coastal mists and the towering presence of the redwoods, makes for an environment that’s unbeatable.

The resort provides an optimal base for those eager to explore the region, whether it’s hiking the numerous trails that offer breathtaking ocean vistas or simply taking in the wonders of the coastline. The resort also shares a border with Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

Nightfall at Fernwood Resort introduces a different kind of magic. Campfires create pockets of warmth and light, inviting guests to gather, share stories, and gaze at the stars. The General Store and Bar & Grill onsite ensure that you have access to essential supplies and delicious meals!

You can find more information and reserve a room here.

7. Big Sur River Inn

Big Sur River Inn
Big Sur River Inn

Cost: $$

What they’re known for: Big Sur River, nature trails, first hotel in Big Sur, swimming pool

What’s nearby: Pfeiffer State Park, Pfeiffer Falls Trail, Big Sur River

Accommodations: Offers hotel-style rooms and motel-style rooms with modern amenities.

One of the unique features of the inn is its accommodation, which allows guests direct access to the pristine beauty of the Big Sur River. Many visitors revel in the simple pleasure of lounging on the inn’s historic bentwood chairs, situated directly in the river, as they soak in the sun and the calming sounds of flowing water.

Dining: The inn boasts a restaurant that offers a delightful mix of traditional and contemporary dishes, all prepared using locally sourced ingredients. With views overlooking the river, dining here is not just about the food but also the ambiance of being in nature.

Over the years, the inn has established itself as a hub for local events and entertainment. Live music performances are a regular feature, enhancing the vibrant community atmosphere of the place.

Not to mention, Big Sur River Inn has a rich history and holds the distinction of being Big Sur’s first hotel and service station.

8. Alila Ventana Big Sur

Cost: $$$$

What they’re known for: Redwoods, luxury, spa, glamping, outdoor activities

What’s nearby: Pfeiffer State Park, Pfeiffer Falls Trail

Ventana Big Sur has anything you might be looking for. The hotel itself has countless rooms with oceanside hillside views. If you are looking for more of an outdoors-focused stay, you can also rent a glamping site in a valley of redwoods.

Accommodations: Ventana Big Sur has 59 suites total. A handful of the suites include furniture made from natural materials, deep soaking tubs, and fireplaces. They also offer glamping sites such as yurts.

A huge pull factor is the activities and classes the hotel offers such as private hiking trips, axe throwing, crafts, bike tours, meditation classes, and more.

You can find more information and reserve a room here.

Airbnbs in Big Sur

If you’d like to opt for a more authentic local experience of Big Sur, check out all of the beautiful homes you can rent out on Airbnb around Big Sur.

Advantages of renting out an Airbnb over a hotel include cheaper prices, local experience, pet-friendly options, home comforts, and privacy.

Most of the Airbnb’s in the area are in Carmel-By-The-Sea which is a 15-minute drive from Big Sur.

What to Wear When Visiting Big Sur

Year-round, Big Sur normally stays between 40ºF to 80ºF.

When I went in August, I found myself wearing shorts and a t-shirt, with a sweater over it the whole time.

The nights in Big Sur do get much colder, and I would recommend wearing pants and a heavier jacket (especially if you are traveling there in the winter season). Maybe even a scarf and beanie.

The Best Time To Go to Big Sur

The ideal time to visit Big Sur is in the fall or spring. You don’t have to risk the chances of running into huge crowds, higher prices, or the most amount of marine layer that takes place in the summer. You can also avoid possible road closures and uncomfortable weather in the winter.

Visiting Big Sur in the spring, you can enjoy the blooming of wildflowers, whale watching, and overall great weather.

Big Sur in the spring
We stopped on the side of Highway 1 to take a photo in south Big Sur