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About Me

Alexis at McWay Falls in Big Sur

Hey guys! My name is Alexis. I made this page as a result of my love for the outdoors and all things nature. I recently converted my 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe into a camper and set out from my hometown, which has allowed me to venture further off the beaten path and truly immerse myself in the natural surroundings.

Join me as I document all of the places I recommend (and don’t recommend) while I travel the states!

About Alexis

Alexis at McWay Falls in Big Sur
Alexis swimming in a creek in Big Sur
Alexis in a redwood forest in Big Sur

Why Do You Like Traveling?

I like traveling and getting outdoors because nature makes me feel good. All of my stress melts away and it’s one of the few times I actually I lose track of time.

I believe every rock, tree, and critter is part of the bigger picture and I want to experience it all.


Curious about a specific park, trail, restaurant, hotel, or more? Reach out to us on our contact page and we’ll see what we can dig up for you!